You’re having a baby!

Truly one of the most significant things you’ll ever do. I believe wholeheartedly that birth is among the most extraordinary experiences we can have in this life, and that supporting women and their families through my doula services is a high calling, one I’m very passionate about.

New Life


One of the images that always comes into my mind when I think of birth is a tree, bursting with green leaves and fully alive. A new baby coming into this world is just that – full of energy and bursting with new life, a gift to us.

Empowering You


A flourishing tree also needs a well-nourished root system. My desire is to help your roots go down deep as parents…coming alongside you with empowering knowledge, supporting you as you grow, and walking every step of the way with you as you prepare for and experience your child’s birth (whether it’s baby #1 or #7!)

Supporting You


I want to support your informed choices and make your birth experience the best it possibly can be, for you. I want to support you emotionally, physically and mentally as you labor to bring that beautiful new life into this world. I hope you’ll let me join you!