About Annika



photography by Julia Mary


Education and Training

Hi! I’m Annika…

People often ask me what made me want to become a birth doula. Although I could give many answers, I think one thing that encapsulates it for me is that once I started researching what it really meant to be a doula, I felt like everything I was reading put words to all these things I already felt innately. Reading about doula work resonated deeply in my soul in a way that said YES, this is what I want to do.

One of my very favorite things about doula work is meeting YOU, hearing the wide variety of unique and amazing stories you have to tell. I love hearing about your pregnancies, your hopes and dreams for the birth of your child. I so strongly believe that birth (in all its various forms) is an incredibly beautiful, sacred and transformative experience; one that, in most cases, doesn’t need to be a medical event.

I believe that women’s bodies are uniquely and amazingly designed to give birth. I believe that pregnant women are strong. They are powerful. They are capable. Does that mean I think everyone needs to give birth naturally? No. My passion is to help you, a strong and capable woman, have the incredible birth that you desire. Instead of telling you what to do, I want to help you understand your choices and options, learn to trust your body and dispel your fear, build confidence, and along with your partner, become active and present participants in your birth journey, discovering your own strength along the way.

I love supporting women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, labor and birth. I strongly believe that this journey is yours to own, and yours to experience.

I hope you’ll let me join you!

When I’m not doula-ing, you can find me hanging out with my awesome husband Tyler and beautiful son Lewis (born 12/31/2016), moving my body through yoga, exploring our awesome city or adventuring outside, or cuddling up with a fresh-brewed cup of coffee and good conversation with friends!