Doula Services

My Birth Doula Services

2 Prenatal Visits

At these visits we will get to know each other more, developing that foundation of trust that’s essential to supporting you. I’ll ask questions, listen to you, laugh or cry with you (maybe both :)). We’ll talk about your goals and desires for birth as well as best ways of supporting you and your partner. I will assist in formulating a birth plan if desired, discuss/practice comfort measures and positions for labor, and provide informational support, resources and general encouragement as you gear up for your birth.

Unlimited Prenatal Phone, Text and E-mail Support

Sometimes you just need to ask someone a question, or hear that what you’re feeling is not out of the ordinary. I’m here for that.

Continuous Emotional, Physical & Informational Support During Your Labor

I will meet you whenever you’d like during labor and be there for the duration. I’ll support you with compassion, care, non-judgmental awareness and empathymeeting you and your partner’s needs to help make your birth exactly what you want it to be. I’ll stay through a few hours postpartum – to make sure you are settled, fed, happy, and get a good start breastfeeding.

I work with a backup doula, so you can rest assured that in an unusual circumstance where I couldn’t attend your birth, a doula will be with you, no matter what.

1-2 Postpartum Visits

We will process your birth story (when everyone else is getting a little tired of hearing it, I’m one of those people who will listen to your story for as long and as many times as you want to tell it!) We’ll laugh, cry, and remember all the incredible moments you experienced along the way! I see part of my job as being a ‘birthkeeper’ – noticing and remembering all those intimate moments that made your birth what it was, helping you see the beauty in those little things. We’ll see how things are going with baby and breastfeeding at home, answer questions & refer if necessary.

Birth Doula Package: $800*

*I believe that every woman who wants a doula should have one. Please don’t let cost prevent you. If you’re interested in me and my services, contact me, and we’ll figure something out (payment plans, bartering, etc). ALSO – if you are a repeat client, please contact me for special pricing!

Placenta Encapsulation

I offer Placenta Encapsulation, in addition to my doula services package. The placenta is an amazing organ your body has grown throughout your pregnancy, rich in vitamins, iron, and healthy hormones. Though there has not been extensive scientific research on consuming your placenta in capsule form, many women have reported numerous benefits from this ancient practice, including:

  • reduction in postpartum feelings of sadness or anxiety
  • higher energy levels
  • less of a ‘hormonal rollercoaster’ postpartum
  • increased milk production
  • quicker physical healing time
Placenta Encapsulation is not a ‘magic bullet’, nor can I guarantee that you will experience the above benefits. But, the experience of a great percentage of women who choose Placenta Encapsulation is very positive. For more helpful info on the benefits of placental consumption, click here. To see some of the research that has been done, click here.

Investment: $150 for doula clients, $200 for non-doula clients

Please contact me for more information or questions!